Commercial Water Pumps

We have a wide range of commercial and industrial water pumps that we offer to our clients. Our water pumps are of great quality and are long lasting and robust in nature.

With the best prices and selection on products by the most trusted manufacturers of commercial pumps, Environmental Equipment & Supply is your best choice for the equipment you need for your sampling, purging, water well development and much more.

We offer the following types of residential and commercial pumps:

• Well pumps: Groundwater pumps by Grundfos are available in flow rates of 5, 10, 15, 22 and 30 GPM. We also carry Grundfos jet pumps, Franklin Electric 2- and 3-wire pumps and a number of different motors, pump ends, controls and starter boxes by both manufacturers.

• Constant pressure pumps: Use constant pressure pumps to ensure a steady water pressure in your home, farm or business. We carry constant pressure pumps by Grundfos and Franklin Electric that range from 1/2 to 5 horsepower. Pick one up today, and enjoy consistent water pressure all day long!

• Environmental pumps: Products in the Grundfos Redi-Flo line include submersible environmental pumps suitable for water sampling, site remediation, pollution recovery and other applications. We carry the full lineup of Redi-Flo pumps, as well as accessories, motor leads, control boxes and other items by both Grundfos and Franklin Electric.

• DC pumps: DC pumps by ProActive and Whale are economical solutions for purging, low-flow sampling and well development. We carry ProActive pumps in standard plastic, standard- and high-performance PVC and stainless steel, as well as small-diameter pumps and boosters to provide lifts of up to 220 feet.

• Sump pumps: Get quality sump pumps from manufacturers like Myers and Little Giant for less at Environmental Equipment & Supply. We offer fully-submersible units up to 1/3 horsepower for use in both residential and commercial pumping operations.

• Commercial pumps: Grundfos CR and CRN pumps are well suited to a variety of commercial applications. Grundfos CR pumps use a vertical multistage centrifugal pumping system to deliver maximum performance in a compact, efficient package.

• Peristaltic pumps: Peristaltic pumps by Solinst and Pegasus Pump Company are portable, self-contained solutions for groundwater sampling, surface water sampling, vapor sampling, purging and more. Use peristaltic pumps for short-term deployment in a variety of field conditions.

• Pump accessories: Get all the pump accessories you need from Environmental Equipment & Supply. We carry water flow meters, installation hardware, cabling, tubing, tape and replacement motors and other parts for all our commercial pumps.